Celebrating My Right to Vote: Women’s Equality Day

womensequalityWith Women’s Equality Day just around the corner, voting has been on my mind.

And, I’ll admit it, voting isn’t usually on my mind—especially during August. But Women’s Equality Day, which celebrates women’s right to vote, has me thinking about voting.

I’m a pretty civic-minded person—fast to roll my eyes at people who tell me they don’t see the point in voting. While I’m not usually thinking about voting, it wouldn’t be entirely accurate to say that I take voting for granted. In fact, I can’t imagine not being able to vote. Voting, expressing my views and taking a stand, is so central to my belief system that it’s hard to imagine not being able to vote.

My first presidential election saw Al Gore and George W Bush duking it out. I was a freshman in college, living in Massachusetts, and voting in Florida where my parents lived. To be a brand new voter, old enough to vote for just a few months, was an incredible rush. I knew my vote counted. I knew your vote counted. And I knew—when I was displeased with the results—whom to blame. Those friends of mine who didn’t bother to vote? Cut off, no second chance.

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