OU Puts Kibosh On Jezebel Name At Soho Eatery

The Orthodox Union has forced a name change in an upscale kosher Soho eatery by refusing to certify its current name—Jezebel.

The Jewish Week reported that the name change is one of two concessions restaurant owners made to the OU.

In a letter to investors, owners Menachem Sendrowicz and Henry Stimler, said the restaurant will go forward under the name ‘JSoho,’ and that they will also ban non-mevushal wines as part of the agreement.

The owners are hoping the changes will attract more traditional kosher diners.

“We felt the name Jezebel does not represent a person who has a positive reputation in the Tanach and was not a name we want to promote,” Rabbi Moshe Elefant, the head of the OU’s kashrut division told The Jewish Week.

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