Oprah’s Documentary Showcases Rabbi’s Art Show

When a camera crew stopped in to film the exhibition of hasidic art he organized in Brooklyn during Sukkot last year, Rabbi Yitzchok Moully was pleased. When they mentioned that they were working with Oprah Winfrey on her documentary about hasidic life, he was, he said, intrigued — but not particularly excited.

“It was cool that they were interested. I don’t think the art fitted the mold they were expecting, and I was pretty sure it wouldn’t make it on the air,” he said, speaking this past Tuesday — the day after the Feb. 13 broadcast of the second episode of the show where, in fact, he and his exhibition were featured.

Moully, in addition to being an artist in his own right, is the program director and b’nei mitzva coach at the Chabad Jewish Center in Basking Ridge. He isn’t one to blow his own horn. He prefers to talk about God’s role in such events and the potential for art to expand people’s experience of Judaism and the world.

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