Olive Trees And Honey: A Treasury Of Vegetarian Recipes From Jewish Communities Around The World

Gil Marks

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

A classic collection of traditional Jewish vegetarian recipes from around the world

Throughout life, there are countless Jewish celebrations and meals for which meatless dishes are included, enjoyed, even preferred. Here is the only vegetarian resource Jewish cooks will ever need to prepare vegetarian dishes for any holiday or occasion as well as for everyday meals. The 300 recipes, which emphasize the signature flavors of time-honored dishes, span a tremendous range– soups, salads, grains and pastas, beans and legumes, egg dishes, savory pastries– and represent every part of the menu. The book also features practical cooking tips as well as in-depth essays on the cultural, historical, and religious relevance of traditional foods such as falafel, Sabbath stew, dumplings, kugel, and rice pilaf.

Gil Marks (New York, NY) is an expert on Jewish cooking. A chef, rabbi, writer, and historian, he is the author of three cookbooks, including The World of Jewish Cooking. He has been featured on radio and television, including Food Live on the Food Network.

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