NYPD’s Erev Rosh Hashana Gift – Arresting a Jew

It was a Rosh Hashana from hell for one Jew after he spent its first night in the custody of the NYPD, following a stupid altercation. Disturbing video footage, captured by an equally disturbed reader with a cell phone camera, shows a large number police officers manhandling the Jew who was trying to defend himself, constantly asking why he was being arrested.

The incident began unfolding within the eighteen minutes after Rosh Hashana had already begun near the intersection of Albany Avenue and Montgomery Street. Police officers pulled over a Jewish motorist who was in a hurry to get home just as the holiday was starting.

Passers-by called out to the cops to let the motorist go, saying that the holiday was starting. The impassive officers responded that “he broke the law and we will not let him go.”

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