WUJS: Empowering the Next Generation on Campus

The perceived linkage between Judaism and Zionism can be a turn-off for some students, believes Chaya Esther Pomeranz, newly elected chair of the World Union of Jewish Students.

Speaking with The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday, Pomeranz said that despite having been raised as a religious Jew in Israel, where Zionism and Judaism are “one and the same,” such cannot be said for many of today’s Jewish students on campuses worldwide.

“I’m not saying that this is an ideal situation, but there are Jewish students whose Jewish identity is important to them but they are not necessarily in line with the Israeli government’s policy, which is perceived as globally, to the uneducated eye, the Zionistic cause,” Pomeranz said.

While WUJS is a Zionist organization, she said, “we have to allow these students to formulate their own interpretation.

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