NY Jews See Dramatic Rise in Poverty

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Poverty has risen dramatically in the New York Jewish community since the previous study in 2002, according to UJA-Federation of New York’s “Jewish Community Study of New York: 2011 Special Report on Poverty”, released this week.

More than 560,000 people in approximately 200,000 Jewish households are poor or near-poor, and 45% of the children in Jewish households now live in poor or near-poor households.

More Jewish people are affected by poverty in the eight-county New York area than there are Jews living in other large Jewish communities such as Chicago or Washington, DC.

There has been a rapid growth in Jewish poverty in recent years, including in suburban areas. In 1991, there were about 180,000 people living in poor Jewish households; 20 years later, this number has doubled to 360,000, an increase that significantly outpaces the 14% growth of the Jewish community as a whole.

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