Nutrilicious – Food for Thought and Whole Health

Edith Rothschild

Publisher: Feldheim

Nutrilicious is a real potpourri:

-Timely but not time-consuming
-Humorous but not funny
-Inspirational but not preachy
-Serious but not sad
-Educational but not boring
-A wake-up call but not threatening

“This book literally contains the ingredients for living healthy. I commend the author for sharing her soul and her experiences, and not holding back her addition of humour to her recipes. Get ready to savour the mouth-watering experience of G-d-given whole and wholesome food. Lâ€Chaim! To Life!â€
-Rabbi Jonathan Rietti, Senior Lecturer Gateways

“Nutrilicious is chuck full of easy, simple, made-from-scratch, wholesome, health-promoting, family-oriented, vegetarian recipes. At the same time, there are detailed instructions as to how to upgrade some of them for holiday meals as well as for elegant entertaining. The ingredients used are fresh, unprocessed, whole and, wherever possible, organic. All the ingredients used, except the fruits and vegetables, have kosher certification.

The aphorisms throughout the book, some by famous persons but most coined by the author, bring home some ancient truths about the connection between food, health and longevity. Some of the text as well as the rhymed messages and the stories reflect the author’s self-styled, 20th century personality, coming to grips with 21st century consumer-driven-conspicuous-consumption oriented realities. She never loses her sense of awe and wonderment at the beauty of our G-d given natural world and, at the same time, provides comic relief from the serious and well researched health issues candidly dealt with in this book. There is something nutrilicious in Nutrilicious for everyone. It is not just a cookbook; it is a multi-faceted experience. With its scrumptious food, served with dollops of satire, Nutrilicious makes delicious fare for the reader!â€
– Richard H. Schwartz, Ph.D., President of Jewish Vegetarians of North America, Director of the Jewish Society in Israel, and author of Judaism and Vegetarianism.

Edith Rothschild received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from the University of Toronto, and her Masters of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology from the Alfred Adler Institute of Chicago. She is also a Certified Bach Flower Remedy counselor. After having suffered for many years with osteoarthritis and its many painful and debilitating side effects, she decided to add ‘holistic health’ to her curricula. She studied extensively the field of nutrition, particulararly vegetarianism and a Whole Natural Foods Diet and, thus, learned first hand the connection between disease, de-toxifying, a plant-based diet and healing. She gave diet workshops in Toronto and Jerusalem before deciding to share her knowledge and experiences with a wider audience.

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