No Oscar for Israel, but French Jews triumph in ‘The Artist’

Despite the brief groan of disappointment that swept through the crowd of some 200 Israelis gathered at a Westside hotel Sunday night, when they heard Israeli film “Footnote” had missed out on an Oscar, Jewish pride was somewhat salvaged by the end of the night. The impressive triumph of “The Artist,” a black-and-white homage to Hollywood’s silent film era, directed by French Jew Michel Hazanavicius, won five Oscars for best picture, director, actor, costume design and original musical score.

Hazanavicius told The Jewish Journal’s Danielle Berrin that his parents and grandparents survived the Nazi occupation by hiding in the French countryside.

Producer Thomas Langmann is the son of famed French director Claude Berri, whose parents were East European Jews and whose first film, “Two of Us,” dealt with a French Jewish boy hiding from the Nazis.


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