New Recruits Join Haredi Battalion

Less than a week before the Tal Law is revoked, on Thursday, the Netzah Yehuda haredi battalion, which was established 13 years ago because of the soon to be cancelled law, saw the enlistment of its August 2012 class.

Dozens of haredim and religious men arrived at the IDF recruitment centers to join the battalion which is considered the largest in the IDF. The current class has a record number of enlisters; 200 compared with 170 last year.

The new recruits from the Netzah Yehuda battalion spoke to Ynet and the prevailing opinion among them is: Torah is just as important as IDF service and those who can sit and study Torah should do so, but if that is not possible, it is only right to put on the IDF uniform.

Omer Ben Ezra from Petah Tikva studied at the yeshiva in Ariel he arrived at the recruitment center accompanied by his parents and grandmother: “The yeshiva rabbi told me that I could combine Torah studies and military service.”


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