My first days of pesach were awesome

My nose was filled with sweet cologne as two men sat in back of me, I could smell them as soon as the door to sanctuary swung open, before they proceeded to sit down and insult my nose with their overdone cologne and rapid fire whispered Hebrew I could tell they were Israeli, I wondered if whispering was possible for Israeli men, I shifted in my seat and turned around to look at them trying to give them the hint that shul wasn’t a place for idle conversation, especially if I couldn’t understand anything. Shul talking is bad enough, but at least if you can hear what they are saying you may hear some interesting tidbits about how much their wives new sheitle cost or what a heartache it was to waste half your salary on yeshiva tuition for a kid that didn’t have the courage to say ma nishtana to the seder table. I delved into my book and quickly zoned them out.

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