My First Car Wreck

I got the idea for this post from my friend Brainrants’ (who runs a super-funny blog over here) first run-in with a tree. -Btw, two links to the same blog in one sentence means check it out. You’ll like it.

Back to the story though: I was in 1st year Bais Medrash in an “out-of-town” Yeshiva, and, as was is often the case, out of my box in need of a, how you say…”Beat-off”? Yes, anyhow, my uncle lived in that town, and I contrived some story as to why I needed to borrow his car. Being that it was 12 AM though, the convenience store that sold pornos near Yeshiva was closed, and I had to drive around desperately searching for a store that was open. I imagine this is what parents of sick children must feel like when they run out of medicine at 1 in the morning.

Well, it’s 45 minutes later, and I’m driving in some dark tree-filled forest-ish place over winding roads that I have never seen before, and by now basically given up all hope of finding El Pornado, just speeding over a million unfamiliar roads trying to retrace my steps.


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