Shoutout to Toronto

Even though I’ve been living in California for 2 years now, this blog is still an East Coast blog. New York is the center of all things Jewish and my Jewish worldview will always center on the place I grew up in, so rarely do the people from “out of town” communities get any love from me. All they get is dissed or complimented every once in a while when I visit their some random community and feel the need to comment on their amazing kiddush or terrible urinals. Plus, this dude has been bugging me to write about his Toronto based Frum From Bathburst blog for sometime so I figured I’d write a little bit about Toronto.

I first started spending weekends in Toronto during my first year out of yeshiva in Rochester. The yeshiva marketed itself heavily to the wealthy kids of Toronto who had been kicked out of various schools there so they could fill their coffers with full tuition.


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