Most Israeli Jews back Romney, most Israeli Arabs support Obama

The October 2012 results of the Israel Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University’s monthly Peace Index reveal that a clear majority of Jewish Israelis prefer Republican candidate Governor Mitt Romney (57 percent) over incumbent President Barack Obama (22 percent).

The poll – carried out between October 22 and 24, and conducted among a representative sample of 601 respondents with a margin of error of 4.5 percent – shows significant differences in Israeli attitudes towards the American presidential candidates and upcoming Israeli elections.

Support for Romney includes 70 percent of self-defined right-wingers, 54 percent of centrists, and 30 percent of left-wingers.  However, a plurality of Arab Israelis prefers Obama (45 percent) over Romney (15 percent).

More than two-thirds of Israeli Jews (69 percent) do not believe that the results of the American November 6 elections will affect the outcome of Israeli elections, while 51 percent of Israeli Arabs believe they will.


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