Molestation May Be kosher, but Incest is More of a Gray Area

I once mentioned that one of the reasons molestation is covered up in the frum community is because it’s really not mentioned in the Torah or halachic response. There is no halacha against touching that little boy in the mikvah, sure rape might be a little different, but nothing wrong with a little fondling right? Now there’s this pretty nasty claim against a family for covering up this incest/rape stuff that took place between 3 brothers and their younger sister – because it happens all over the place in the orthodox community.

Incest is clearly not allowed in the Torah, but the Torah contradicts itself because the 12 brothers apparently had twin sisters which they married and everyone turned out fine (maybe this is why we Jews have so many f-in diseases) Also Shimon only killed all of shechem so he could have dibs on his sister Dinah and I heard that Cain and Abel also got it on with their sisters as well.


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