Mobile Internet Sites Come to Chareidi Community To Push For Signatures In Rubashkin Petition

As the final deadline for signatures on the White House Rubashkin petition approaches this Shabbos, activists have waged an all out campaign to make computers available to the large percentage of the chasidishe population that does not have internet access by bringing computers to these areas, including Borough Park, Williamsburg, Crown Heights, Flatbush, Monroe and Monsey.

“We found that many people complained that they wanted to add their signatures to the petition, but since they have no internet access had no way to do so,” explained Shimon Rolnitzki, one of the askanim involved in this effort.  “Since people do have extra time on Chol Hamoed, we decided to set up locations in as many chareidishe neighborhoods as we can, so that as many people as possible can sign the petition.”


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