mishkan 3d

Mishkan 3D

Experience the Majesty of the Mishkan

The Mishkan CD was designed to make a difficult and challenging topic easy to understand. This CD clears up the grey areas and doubts as to what the Mishkan really looked like, and how it was put together. The method of instruction is unique. The user enters a forum where there is a seated audience, a teacher and a large projection screen. The user selects one of the students seated in the forum to pose a question about the Mishkan. The main projector is activated to answer the specific question, and through 3 D graphics and video the question is answered. If more information is needed to further clarify the material the user can click on the teacher at the front of the forum and the teacher gives a more detailed explanation. The user is also given the ability to look at the vessels from any angle and manipulate it during the video portion of the program. Plus there is a gallery from which all the components of the Mishkan can be viewed up close, and the graphics can be printed in full color.

FeaturesStudy the Mishkan in a 3D Multimedia Classroom… Over 40 Full Color, 3D Videos… Build the Mishkan one step at a time… View the Mishkan from 360 degrees… Understand how the Ark was made… Walk up the Copper Altar & Study its Construction… Learn all about the Copper Laver… Study the Menorah in all its detail… Discover the intricacies of the Showbread… PLUS: Gallery of 100 Printable 3D Pictures of the Mishkan and its Vessels… Clear, Concise Narrated Explanations on every step of the construction of the Mishkan…

System Requirements: Windows 95 and higher Pentium 16MB Ram minimum. Works in both Hebrew or English Windows.

Publisher: TES

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