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59 True Type Hebrew Designer Fonts

In this package you will find both classic and original Hebrew True Type fonts for both Hebrew and English operating systems on Windows and Mac OS platforms.

Features59 True Type Fonts: Acheneli, Acheneli Medium, Atzor, Atzor Outline, Broadweli, Broadweli Engraved, Busroeli, Busroeli Extra Bold, Careli Light, Careli Medium, Coopereli, Coopereli Outline, Frizeli, Frizeli Bold, Gilgal, Gilgal Ultra Outline, Hebras Book, Hebras Black, Hobeli, Hobeli Outline, Ivricana Bold, Ivricana Outline, Kabelim Bold, Kabelim Outline, Lublineli, Lublineli Condensed, Lublineli Extra Bold, Lublineli Extra Bold Condensed, Mehandes, Mehandes Bold, Nekhoshet, Nekhoshet Bold, Optimeli, Optimeli Bold, Op Two, Op Two Bold, Peigneli, Peigneli Bold, Revieli, Revieli Heavy, David, David Bold, Frank, Frank Bold, Galed, Galed Bold, Hadas, Hadas Bold, Meiri, Meiri Bold, Rashi, Rashi Bold, Sofer, Vilna, Vilna Bold, Uncieli Outline, Yavaneli, Yavaneli Extra Bold

On CD-rom; for: Windows 95; 98; XP; Mac OS

Publisher: TES

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