Minhagim Busters Discovers That You do Gain Weight on Shabbos!

The folks from minhagim busters have just confirmed, after a long grueling process, that frum Jews do gain weight on shabbos. It’s a common held theory that frum Jews get an extra soul on shabbos and therefore they can eat whatever they want with no fear of obesity. It has been discovered that in our times of galus this is simply not true. Even though we have a mesorah to believe that weight gain for shomer shabbos yidden is impossible on shabbos, most of the generations of the Mesorah were too poor to actually come to any conclusion on this. They were also too frum to question age old mesorah and many people really believed this.

In order to figure out if weight gain on shabbos was possible, Minhagim Busters followed around seminary girls in their first 3 weeks of seminary. Seminary girls are known for gaining weight in their first year in preparation for child rearing. It was discovered that all of the Seminary girls who ate extra on shabbos weighed more.

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