Matisyahu, a Dybbuk and a Haunted Box

Out of courtesy to those who don’t want to waste time on a film that is neither a good ripoff of The Exorcist nor a good representation of Jewish culture, I’ll keep this short.

The Possession is “based on a true story,” which means somebody on eBay wrote a really long-winded story, and the LA Times then picked up the story, and then Hollywood changed it and turned it into a movie.

The movie -fairly different from the internet tale- portrays a family in which the youngest daughter gets haunted by a dibbuk (i.e. spirit of Jewish folklore-usually evil) after she takes possession of a box that is home to the haunting spirit that eventually enters her, to reside inside her.

Things almost start to get interesting after an agonizingly long cut-to-the-case of what’s-the-deal-with-the-Hebrew-letters-on-the-box-that-I-could-have-read-for-the-actors-if-the-director-would-keep-the-camera-steady-on-the-words-for-more-than-5-seconds-without-the-letters-all-being-upside-down-or-at-an-awkward-angle.


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