Londoner Hosts Seder With a Twist

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How did you celebrate Passover this year? No doubt with friends, family an abundance of matzah and a reading of the Haggadah. Of course at the center of the festival is the Seder. And here in London, JN1 has been invited to a Seder with a twist.

Passover is one of the most important festivals in the Jewish calendar. It’s a time when Jewish people remember how the children of Israel left slavery behind and were led out of Egypt by Moses.

The Seder or the Order is a special service that takes place the evening before Passover begins. Natalie Shaw, who lives in North London, decided to put on a belated Seder night for her Jewish and non-Jewish friends.

Guests were treated to a selection of Jewish food, and of course the Seder plate.


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