Liberal Jews say you must use an organic lulav and etrog

Irreligious liberal Jews are up in arms over the fact that most of the arba minim being used for succos are not grown organically or sustainably, they are a plight upon the land and doing a mitzvah with something that is not grown properly is really more of a sin than not doing it all. In Israel the organic, sustainably grown, fair trade, heirloom esrog movement has already begun to take place. Farmers, in a similar vein to the one’s who keep shmitta, have already gotten seals of approval from Hechsher Tzedek for complying with this very important chumra.

As can be expected, Charedim and other so called “Torah true Jews” are up in arms about this, they say that it’s unnecessary chumra that undermines authentic Judaism by placing importance by things not mentioned in the Torah or even shulchan aruch.


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