L.A. Meat Market Loses Kosher Certification on Day before Passover

An undercover video captured the owner of a Los Angeles kosher meat market bringing unsealed boxes of chicken into his store, leading to the revocation of his store’s kosher certification.

Mike Engelman, the owner of Doheny Glatt Kosher Meats, was videotaped on March 12 directing his employees to unload boxes of meat from his car while the store’s kosher supervisor was absent. The footage led the Rabbinical Council of California to revoke the shop’s kosher certification on March 24, the day before Passover, leaving many kosher consumers in the lurch.

The L.A. Jewish Journal reported that Engelman initially denied the accusations against him in a meeting with the rabbinical council, but eventually he admitted his wrongdoing.

“He did claim that it was kosher – I think that the way he put it was that he ‘never brought non-kosher meat into the store,’ and that he ‘never sold something not kosher,’” said a source who attended the meeting on Sunday. “But he did acknowledge bringing in boxes – he claimed it was poultry – into the store.”

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