Kosher Wines For Passover

Trader Joe’s is carrying a new line of kosher wines.  I have never heard of anything like them before.

For red wines they have some Tempranillo blends from Spain under the Terrenal brand for $3.99 They also have a blend of Chardonnay and Macabeo for $3.99 (also Spanish also Terrenal). They also have Sara Bee Moscato $5.99 (Italian) and Banero – Prosecco $7.99 (Italian). Also beibg sold at Trader Joe’s is the Tierra Salvaje Merlot priced at $4.99. This Merlot is spicy with deep color and thick texture. Full flavored and complex with a nice satisfying finish. It’s fruity with soft tannins, yet it has the body and flavor to stand up to heavier meals. In this regard the wine is noticeably different from many other Merlots. It’s also certified kosher mevushal and easily compares to wines which are much more expensive.

Another great Bordeaux vine, is the Tierra Salvaje Carmenere. A blight killed the French Carmenere, and only few vines survived in Chile where this “lost” wine was revived. “Earthier” than a Merlot, it tastes of plums with spice and a hint of smokiness. Great with roast chicken or pasta. The wine is also certified kosher mevushal. An exceptional value at $4.99 – it easily compares to wines 2 to 3 times the price.

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