Knesset Discusses Importance of Tourism

The Knesset Tourism Lobby will discuss the importance of the tourism industry in Israel during a special meeting to be held under the slogan: “Recognizing the tourism and the hotel industry as industries of national priority.” During the meeting which took place on Monday, February 06, 2012, the Minister of Tourism, Stas Misezhnikov, Chairman of the Knesset Tourism Lobby in Israel, MK Ofir Akonis, members of the lobby and industry leaders such as President of the Association, Ami Federman, came together in their request to support the tourism industry and recognize it as an industry of national priority.

The discussion was initiated by the Knesset Tourism Lobby, in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism. Among the major issues discussed was the focus on lowering prices on vacation package costs and promoting renovation, and upgrading of Israeli public tourist infrastructure as well as encouraging the construction of new hotels across the country.   In the annual work plan, the Minister of Tourism presented the lowering of vacation costs as one of the major issues that the office will focus on in the year 2012.


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