Kiev Attack Not Necessarily Anti-Semitic

Israel’s Ambassador to Ukraine Reuven Dinel visited the Kiev hospital where 25-year-old yeshiva student Aharon Alexander Gorshonov has been hospitalized in critical condition.

He has been in hospital since Friday night, when he was assaulted in what some are saying was an anti-Semitic attack as he left a local synagogue on the Passover holiday.

The ambassador asked that people not rush to conclusions over the motive of the attack and added that he had spoken with the victim’s mother, Natalya: “She is weeping and is extremely concerned. I tried to calm her down as much as I could and told her we would help in any way she needs.”

“Aharon’s condition is grave, he is unconscious as a result of the beating he received,” the ambassador told Ynet. The ambassador noted that until the police investigation is concluded, there is no way to determine that the incident was motivated by racial hate and anti-Semitism.


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