Just When You Thought the Holocaust Couldn’t Get Worse

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Growing up Jewish, you know about the Holocaust.

You pray for the Six Million at synagogue. Your parents or your youth group leader (or my in my case, both) take you the museums their piles of eyeglasses and locks of hair and barbed wire installations.

Maybe you even have a relative who was there, who tells you stories about stealing bread in the Ghetto. Maybe you know someone who escaped but whose eyes turn misty at the family left behind.

Eventually, you reach a kind of Holocaust saturation point. Your mind is full of the facts and the maps and Hitler’s clinical, systemic evil. Your heart can’t take another sad story about a sadistic SS guard or a mother forced to give up her child or whole towns shot and buried in shallow graves.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/bernhard.rosenberg.7 Bernhard Rosenberg

    . On a personal level these numbers me nothing to me. They will not lesson the anguish of my parents Jacob and Rachel Rosenberg, of blessed memory who were in Auschwitz and Buchenwald. Their relatives except for one cousin and a half sister, WERE MURDERD by the Nazis. IT DOES NOT MATTER TO THE DEAD. Never forget. . I was born in a D.P. camp in Regensburg Germany. Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

  • http://www.facebook.com/bernhard.rosenberg.7 Bernhard Rosenberg

    I have resigned from the metuchen edison clegy association. I AM A PAST PRESIDENT. Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

    HATIKVAH has been included in every service since I created interfaith holocaust services in 1974 with no objection. N0 ONE HAS EVER WALKED out, sat down OR OBJECTED until recently. With Israel and Jews being attacked throughout the world, I PERSONALLY will and have fought to keep it in. We are living in a world where anti-SEMITISM is rampant especially in Europe where JEWS ARE FLEEING IN MASS to Israel and other countries. Everyone is entitled to their OWN opinion , I stand by mine. Another Holocaust is on the horizon. A nuclear extremist muslim regime would like nothing better than the complete destruction of Israel and if you listen to Morsi all Jews should perish. I will be the keynote speaker at another Holocaust event that evening. I refuse to compromise my beliefs or allow the Hatikvah to be disgraced. I am taking my highway to what I believe in. Rabbi DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG