Megillah Esther: The Book of Esther

Edited by Rabbi A. J. Rosenberg
Translated by: Rabbi A. J. Rosenberg
Part of the ‘Judaica Press Books of the Prophets and Holy Writings’ series.

Used by students around the world as an essential learning tool!

The Book of Esther recounts the well-known miracle of Purim, when the Jews of the Persian empire were saved from annihilation at the hands of the gentile populace.

This invaluable aid to learning Tanach is used by students around the world! It provides the benefit of owning two sets in one, since each volume features both the complete Hebrew Mikraoth Gedoloth as well as a concise, modern English translation of the text with extensive commentary.

In addition, each and every Rashi is translated, as are selections from the Ramban, Sforno, Rashbam, Ibn Ezra, from Talmudic and Midrashic sources, and numerous other commentaries never before translated. Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, zt’l, gave his unstinting approbation to this now classic series.

Perfect for students and teachers who want a deeper understanding of Tanach. (This volume is not included in the complete set.)(132 Pages)


Publisher: Judaica Press, 1992

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