Jews in Sports: Israel’s Dream Team

To many, the Middle East has long been recognized as the world’s pulse and epicenter for historical conflict and present-day empowerment. There have been many battles waged within its lands, from before the crusades to the ongoing wars and strife of today. The desert landscape of Israel and its environs seem to have always been tempered with conflict, if even for little reason.

The two most commonly found religions in the wider world originated within the borders of the Middle East. And if that’s not enough, you can now tack another pin to the Asia Minor piñata: How many Jewish professional baseball players will commit to play for Team Israel in next spring’s World Baseball Classic, were the Israeli team to qualify.

Since former Major League Baseball All-Star Brad Ausmus was named Team Israel manager, numerous Jewish baseball players were rumored to have been contacted regarding their commitment for the Blue & White. However, nobody would say who exactly was contacted, or if anyone expressed significant interest.


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