Jewish Leaders: Synagogues Should be More Accessible

Hundreds of synagogue gabbais (sextons), heads of religious local authorities and rabbis from Israel and around the world participated in a special conference in Jerusalem on Sunday evening.

The conference was organized by the Besheva group, which includes the weekly Hebrew newspaper Besheva as well the Arutz Sheva website. Other co-organizers included the Israeli Chief Rabbinate and the Union of Synagogues in Israel.

At the center of the conference was a call by the synagogue leaders to open the gates of the synagogues to the general public.

“Synagogues must open to everyone, and the gabbais and community members should invest in an endless effort for unity among the people of Israel,” Dudu Saada, the chair of the Besheva group, said during the conference. “This is an important call which unfortunately is not obvious to many people in Israel. This perception must be changed from its foundation.”


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