Samaria Leaders Meet MP over ‘Apartheid’ Claims

Jewish leaders from Samaria, British friends of Israel, and a Palestinian Authority Arab dissident sat down this week with a British MP who blamed Israel for attacks on British troops in Afghanistan, the rise to power of Muslim extremists in Egypt, the Iranian threat in the Straits of Hormuz, and more.

MP Julian Brazier spoke to the activists in a special meeting in Parliament. The British Israel Coalition (BICPAC) arranged the meeting in an attempt at “a creative way to tackle [Brazier’s] libelous claims.”

Brazier insisted earlier in the month that Israeli life in Judea and Samaria stirs Muslim hate around the world, leading to extremism and terrorism, and is “playing a major role in inciting the anger felt in Pakistan and Afghanistan.” Afghan terrorists, for their part, have said their attacks are spurred by the British presence in Afghanistan.


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