Jewish Foundation Creates Jewish Nobel Prize

A Jewish foundation on Tuesday announced the creation of an annual award with a one million dollar cash prize that will be bestowed upon a personality with strong ties to the Jewish people for achievements in the fields of art, science or diplomacy.

The Genesis Philanthropy Group, headed by Russian- Jewish businessmen including billionaires Mikhail Fridman, Pyotr Aven and German Khan, among others, said the Genesis Prize, which has been likened to a “Jewish Nobel Prize,” would help strengthen ties between Israel and the Diaspora.

“The Genesis Prize emphasizes the contribution of the Jews to world history,” Fridman was quoted as saying in a press release. “Far-reaching achievements in science, the arts, business, medicine, diplomacy and other fields of human endeavor have been realized thanks to the Jewish People’s natural aspiration to improve the world and to its desire to pass its moral values on to coming generations. This tradition of the Jewish People must continue.”


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