JETS Students Graduate, 10 Get Semicha

JETS celebrated the many accomplishments of its students and graduates, as well as the ordination of ten Smicha students, at their June Banquet and the year end trip to the Grand Canyon.

Now entering its 9th year, JETS is a unique school that caters to the individual needs of each student, enabling him to be in a warm chassidishe environment while pursuing the career of his choice.

The ceremony was emceed by Yoni Amar, a JETS student who is working towards his career in architecture and interior design.

Rabbi Mayer Schmukler, the Founder and Director of JETS, welcomed everybody following the recital of the Rebbe’s letter. Rabbi Schmukler thanked the staff for their hard work and dedication to ensuring the future of our students, exclaiming that miracles are happening every day at JETS. To thank Rabbi Schmukler for his unconditional support of Jets, Yossi Engel, on behalf of the entire staff, presented Rabbi Schmukler with a large canvas picture of himself receiving a dollar from the Rebbe, which elicited strong emotions.


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