Israel Marks 50 years to Eichman Trial in Wannsee

Seventy years ago, Nazi leaders met in Wannsee, Berlin, to decide on the Final Solution plan to eradicate the Jewish people in extermination camps. This week a formal Israeli delegation travelled to Wannsee to mark 50 years to Adolf Eichmann’s trial in Jerusalem, Yedioth Ahronoth reported.

On Thursday, the delegation held a moving ceremony in the symbolic location to commemorate the event. Minister Yossi Peled and the Foreign Ministry were responsible for the initiative with the assistance of the Israeli embassy in Germany.

The ceremony included inspiring speeches by Minister Peled, German Minister Eckhart von Klaeden, Israeli Ambassador to Germany Yaacov Hadas-Handelsmanand and other delegation members. A military band performed Israeli songs.

The emotional height of the ceremony was saw IDF officers entering the hall carrying Israeli flags.


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