I’m not frum enough for my own advertisers

Like almost every normal person out there, I find myself googling myself every now and then. The first 30 pages usually suck, but then it always starts to get interesting, comments on blogs and websites mentioning me as if I’m some authority on scandals in the orthodox community or pictures that have copied and pasted into sites advertising cleaning supplies – it can get pretty shady once you get that far deep into google. Have any of you ever been 30 pages deep?

Recently I got this new advertiser on my blog which ironically or not is trying to promote a kosher search engine which is so religious that my own blog which features this advertisement will not show up on the search engine. The advertisement is basically a blurb at the bottom of the post which may feature such ironic ads as – for more information on Chassidic Sex Toys – click here.

I never really saw kosher search engines as anything interesting until I decided to search for myself on them, Suddenly, I was beyond that 30 page deep google territory into something even stranger. I was beyond the normal facebook picture tags and tweets, I was into really frum territory.

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