Apparently I Was Supposed to Announce my Temporary Vacation

In the blog world people need constant content and if they don’t get that content they typically don’t visit your site. Of course, I was surprised last month when my pay per click advertising was at it’s regular rate and so I went into my stats to take a look and it appeared that 2,000 people a day still thought that 6 years of material was worth reading and couldn’t care less that I was supposedly defunct. I’ll try to explain to you what happened.

If I were someone else trying to figure out where the helige Frum Satire disappeared to I would point directly at the obvious, his wife. How many other bloggers have disappeared into oblivion after getting hitched and realizing that they were mere mortals and the only important things in life were paying bills, getting a minivan and complaining about yeshiva tuition on frum forums.

Here’s how my disappearance went down. I was in Baltimore for a conference held by the Jewish Week, called The Conversation. I have been to a number of these “exclusive” invite only events where some Jewish organization flies you halfway across the world to discuss issues facing Jewry today.


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