Travelouge for National Poetry Month

I’m tempted to rhyme, to watch my cadence, to count syllabus, or maybe even don dark clothing and take to a smoke filled slam poetry session. These aren’t my usual temptations- but this isn’t a usual month.  April is National Poetry Month. The Academy of American Poets introduced the month in 1996 with the hope of highlighting American poets and introducing more readers to the world of poetry.

The Jewish Women’s Archive, and Jewesses with Attitude, are pleased to be contributing to the tradition. Throughout the month of April, we will be introducing you to a wide variety of Jewish poets and their poetry.

I’m honored to present the first poet in the series, Annie Jacobs.

I was fortunate enough to meet Jacobs at Kibbutz Ketura in the Negev Desert in Israel five years ago. She continues to inspire me with the connection she creates between the land around her and her words. To read her poetry is to go on a journey, to experience nature, and to be changed. I look forward to sharing more of her words as the month continues.


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