‘I Did All I Could to Bring Moshiach. Now It’s Up to You’

Friends and relatives of Reb Avrohom Yeshaya Schtroks, OMB, have set up a website – zichronshayaschtroks.com – where people can share their personal memories, as well as contribute to a fund set up to help the family financially through this difficult time. One of Reb Yeshaya’s students in the Morristown cheder, Schneur Zalman Wilansky from Elizabeth, NJ, relates the following:

My name is Schneur Zalman Wilansky. I am 10 years old, and I am in 4th grade in Cheder Lubavich in Morristown. I would like to write about my beloved teacher, Rabbi Schtroks.

Before learning, he would tell us a chasideshe story; I loved that! Rabbi Schtroks always told us lots of stories and taught us many Nigunum. He was very Chassidish. He always told us what he heard from the Rebbe. In the afternoon before we started to learn, he would tell us the funniest stories!

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