i am a chassid

I am a Chassid

Living the Way the Rebbe Teaches Us

A classic Chasidic saying states: ‘The Rebbe, his Chassidim, his teachings are all one.’ Being a Chassid of the Rebbe means taking his teachings and making them part of ourselves and our lives.

We have taken ten of the primary messages that the Rebbe teaches us and communicated them through scenes and stories that relate to a child on his or her level. As the child learns, he or she begins to appreciate how special it is to be a Chassid. And this inspires them to take pride in doing their share to fulfill the mission that lies at the center of the Rebbe’s life – preparing the world for the coming of Mashiach.

A Sequel to Hand in HandWritten, produced and directed by Malka TougerMusic and Arrangements by Chaim Fogelman.Footage of the Rebbe provided by Jewish Educational Media

Publisher: Sameach

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