How to Keep Kosher

A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Jewish Dietary Laws
by Lise Stern

Whether you are thinking about adopting a kosher lifestyle or already have a kosher home and just want to understand what it is all about, Lise Stern’s How to Keep Kosher is essential reading. You will learn about the biblical and historical origins of keeping kosher, the development of the kosher certification system, specific food preparation requirements for Shabbat, Passover, and other holidays and how to actually set up a kosher kitchen.
In straightforward language, drawing upon explanations from the Torah and Talmud, along with interviews with rabbis, academics, and laypeople who keep kosher, Lise explores all aspects of Judaism’s ancient dietary traditions as they are carried out in today’s kitchen, with its range of modern appliances-dishwashers, food processors, and microwave ovens. It explains both the Conservative and Orthodox perspectives on kashrut, as well as opinions from other Jewish affiliations.(303 Pages)

Publisher: William Morrow, 2004

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