A treasury of illumination, calligraphy, commentary, insights, and laws.
by Rabbi Yonah Weinrib

Hallel captures the essence of man’s praise to his Creator, the song of his soul carried upon the graceful wings of King David’s timeless words. More than a collection of beautiful chapters from the Book of Psalms, Hallel describes the yearnings of the soul, extolling G-d in joy and reaching out to Him in sorrow.

In this edition, Rabbi Yonah Weinrib has successfully integrated his talent as a skilled Judaic artist and calligrapher, with his ability to elucidate the profound messages of the text. This handsome coffee-table volume is destined to be a Judaica classic, a treasury of exquisite craftsmanship and fascinating insights on Hallel.

Includes full English translation, commentaries, laws, allusions, and songs.(116 Pages)


Publisher: Judaica Illuminations

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