Global Anti-Semitism Rises by 30 Percent

Last year the world saw a “considerable escalation in anti-Semitic manifestations, particularly violent acts against Jews,” constituting a 30-percent increase over 2011, according to a Tel Aviv University study released on Sunday.

The report, published by the university’s Kantor Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry, said the escalation followed two years of decline.

There were 686 acts of violence and vandalism last year, including “273 attacks on persons of all ages; in addition, 190 synagogues, cemeteries and monuments were desecrated, and over 200 private and public properties damaged.

There were 50 attacks with a weapon, 89 without, 166 direct threats on lives, and 373 cases of vandalism.”

There was a strong correlation between the number of attacks and the size of a country’s Jewish population, the report’s authors noted, saying that “most of the attacks (510) took place in countries where the largest communities outside Israel reside: France (200), the US (99), the UK (84), Canada (74) and Australia (53).”


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