Girls Celebrate Jewish Heroines

Bais Rebbe Junior High of L.A., California, held a mother and daughter brunch in Honor of Yud Alef Chesvan; the yartzeit of Rochel Imeinu. The girls prepared a special presentation of special woman throughout Jewish history.

Beginning with Sara Imanu, up until the woman of today, the girls spoke about the unique qualities we can learn from each tzadeikes. Rochel Imanu, Miriam, Dvora Haneiva, Rus, Yehudis, Rebbetzein Devora Leah and Rebbetzein Chana are but a few of the woman whom the girls presented.

The girls were very enthusiastic and eager to fulfill their roles under the guidance of their dedicated and talented teacher Mrs. Sara Jacobs. One of the goals of Bais Rebbe is to bring out the talents from within each one of our girls and encourage them to shine in their respective ways said Malka Seewald, Judaic principal. Today’s presentation brought out the unique talents in the girls; enabling each one to learn from the noshim tzadkonius in an interesting and meaningful way.


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