Rabbi Ovadia Yosef Returns Home After Stroke

Shas spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef was released from hospital Sunday morning after suffering a mild stroke on Saturday and has been instructed to rest for a number of days.

Yosef, 92, was having trouble operating his left hand while praying in the synagogue at his home in Jerusalem during the Shabbat morning service, and he was taken to Hadassah Ein Karem Hospital for treatment and observation.

Tests revealed that the rabbi had suffered “a very mild stroke,” according to the Hadassah medical director Dr. Yuval Weiss.

Yosef’s illness comes at a bad time for Shas, with the party struggling in all recent polls to improve on its 2009 electoral showing of 11 seats, despite the much-heralded return of former leader Arye Deri to the frontlines of the political party.

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