from the ten commandments to chicken soup

From the Ten Commandments to Chicken Soup

A Celebration of Judaism and All Things Jewishby Michael Shapiro

In this engaging book Michael Shapiro encourages all Jews to bask in the light of their people’s historic contributions to religion, science, politics, and the arts. The diverse topics discussed here cover every facet of Jewish life — including festivals and High Holy Days, the Song of Songs, klezmer music, world-famous Jewish comedians like Woody Allen and the Marx Brothers, the Talmud, the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, Kabbalah, Yiddish, and of course, chicken soup. Each offers a unique reason to feel special pride in Jewish achievements and customs. Taken together, they reinforce the beliefs and clarify the traditions that have shaped Judaism for the past 5,000 years.(224 Pages)

Publisher: Citadel Press, 2005

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