Chicken Soup with Chopsticks

A Jew’s Struggle for Truth in an Interfaith Relationship
by Jack Botwick

What happens when a nice Jewish boy falls in love with a Chinese lady? What happens when she is completely ignorant about the Jewish people? Should he pressure her to convert? How does he handle his parents who are very upset, and hers, who must be totally clueless?

Chicken Soup with Chopsticks, depicts the challenges a Jew is confronted with in dating a Chinese woman, and how this interfaith dating experience leads them both to become committed to Judaism.

Many Orthodox families have secular relatives who inter-date and marry outside of the Jewish fold. This book is a valuable resource both for secular and religious Jews facing the challenges of inter-dating — whether themselves or someone they know and care about.

Recommended by Rabbi Kalman Packouz of and Rabbi Michael Skobac of Jews for Judaism.(224 Pages)

Publisher: Paper Spider, 2006

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