Frameworks – 3 Volume Hardcover Set

Rabbi Matis Weinberg

Publisher: Feldheim

From the author of the acclaimed ‘Patterns in Time’ series-a new series on parashas ha-shavua conceived and written for a general audience. True to Torah’s rigorous methodology, Frame Works moves from the dawn of history to the frontiers of contemporary thought, drawing deeply on the physical sciences and biology, on psychology, philosophy, literature and the arts. Rabbi Weinberg builds a blueprint of reality that reveals the Torah’s profoundly authentic framework for perceiving the world. With endnotes, sources, and indexes.

Frameworks-Genesis — A wonderful potpourri of Torah, science, modern philosophy and classical literature-this spell-binding work will open your eyes to the secrets of the Chumash like no other! Written for a general audience, this beautifully designed, large-format book, fourth in the Frameworks series, is written in a captivating, entertaining style, peppered with stories, sources quotes, notes, and interesting references to secular literature and science.

Frameworks – Exodus — Look through the kaleidoscope of Torah and see amazing shapes take form. Under the skilled pen of accomplished author and lecturer, Rabbi Matis Weinberg, a tapestry emerges, woven with the sophisticated threads of science, technology, modern history and civilization. Enhanced by quotes, poems, and prose from thinkers, writers and public figures-both traditional and secular. In special coffee-table” format with a beautiful design, this is a contemporary view on a timeless subject.

Also Available — Frameworks Leviticus

These books may be bought as a set or as separate volumes.

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