Former Taliban Captive at Algemeiner Event

The Algemeiner Editor’s Club hosted famed CBS journalist Jere Van Dyk at its first annual Summer Party. Van Dyk, who was captured by the Taliban near the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan for 45 days in 2008, spoke of his experiences and the life lessons that he has gleaned from them.

He also pledged recognition to the life of Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street Journal journalist who was brutally beheaded by the Taliban in 2002, saying that he believes the United States took greater steps to save his own life in order to avoid a repeat of the earlier tragedy.

Attendees were served wines and cheeses, and were welcomed by Algemeiner Editor Dovid Efune. Guests included Editor’s Club Honorary Chairs Neil and Sharon Book, boxing superstar Yuri Foreman and fashion designer Heidi Weisel. The party was hosted by Talent Resources CEO Mike Heller.


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