Fireflies in the Dark

The Story of Friedl Dicker-Brandeis and the Children of Terezin
by Susan Goldman Rubin

Ages 8-11 A nonfiction account of Terezin were a little known heroine, who tried valiantly to protect children from the horrors of the concentration camp. More than a biography of Dicker-Brandeis’ life, it offers the facts about Adolf Hitler and his attempt to exterminate the Jews in all of Europe and continues with a picture of life inside Terezin. When families arrived at Terezin, children were separated from their parents, husbands from their wives. Dicker-Brandeis, herself a Jew and a prisoner, was separated from her husband and assigned to live with and supervise the Jewish children. Knowing how important it would be to create some optimism in a dismal situation, Dicker-Brandeis used art to assist the children in expressing their feelings as they coped with unbearable hunger, cold, isolation, and the fear of death. The book is illustrated with paintings and drawings that the children of Terezin created. ‘Of the 15,000 children who passed through Terezin, only 100 survived. But their artwork and writings live on as testimony to their lives and spirits.’
The book includes a table of contents, an extensive reference list divided by categories of materials, and an index.(48 Pages)


Publisher: Holiday House, 2000

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