Email Plague Hits Quiet New England Community

Due to political unrest in the Jewish Community, Congregation Vikuchei Yisroel announced today that they will hold a breakaway minyan on Yom Kippur for Obama supporters and other liberals in the community. Asked  about this move, Dr. Mitchy Romneyberg explained that although we begin the Yom Kippur service with the statement that we are allowed to daven with the sinners, clearly this does not include liberals.  Rabbi Baruch Oybaum interrupted Romneyberg and explained that the shul’s democrats were not kicked out, they are leaving on their own to form a peaceful minyan.  My sources tell me that the good Rabbi and the Dr. have since gotten into a fight about this and sent many emails to prove why the other one is wrong.

Well, regardless if this was a move to remove the liberals, or to give them a space on their own, one thing is clear — the level of aggression in the community is growing.  Just last week someone refused to recommend a plummer to an Obama supporter. And over Rosh Hashana, many people did not answer omein to the mourner’s kaddish recited by a left-leaning member. The escalation of threats has grown rapidly in the past 48 hours and now we are hearing that members of the community are sending emails to other people. emails! My God! where have the days gone when you’d throw a brick into a window, or slash a few tires?


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